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Certified OKR Practitioner (C-OKRP®)

Aug 14
Learn how to master OKRs within your teams and organization and enhance your expertise in effectively drafting, aligning, and executing OKRs.
Language of the program: Russian

Behind every successful OKR implementation stands a dedicated OKR Champion

Consider this person to be your in-house OKR Expert and the driving force behind the effort. Among the champions' duties are guiding and synchronizing the OKR cycle and collaborating with the C-level suite on the progress of achieving the Objectives and Key Results. It is crucial for the success of your OKRs effort that your Champion receives the training for a smooth and successful implementation of the OKR framework.

The course is perfect for

  1. C-Suite Executives
  2. Heads of Departments
  3. Product Managers and Product Owners
  4. Strategy Experts
  5. Agile Coaches
  6. Team members who use OKRs and want to master those

Takeaway skills

  1. Successfully launch and implement OKRs in your organization
  2. Get your business laser-focused on what matters most
  3. Craft and write Objectives aligning with the Company’s Strategies, Vision & Mission
  4. Learn to set outcome-driven OKRs
  5. Align your entire organization around a common strategic direction
  6. Conduct regular reviews for organizational learning
  7. Learn the difference between KPIs and OKRs and why we need both systems.

Meet the experts

Mary Tovpinets

Management 3.0 Trainer, Agile Coach, Facilitator, Scrum Master

Practicing Scrum trainer coaching organizations, Scrum Masters, and developers. Specializes in cultivating organizational adaptability to respond effectively to market shifts.

Roman Doroshenko

Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile and LeSS Coach

A professional Scrum trainer and organizational design consultant. Formerly a developer and a Product Owner, an expert in creating adaptive organizations, product management, quantitative analytics, and engineering practices

Learning journey

History of goal setting

  • How goal setting has emerged and evolved in organisations from Taylorism to the present day
  • How the formulation of goals through Objectives and Key Results was born and why

Basics of OKR

  • What is OKR
  • The difference between traditional goal setting and OKR
  • When to use OKR in organisations
  • Connections between goals and organizational design

Examples of OKR

  • How to formulate Objectives correctly
  • How to formulate Key Results correctly
  • Outcome vs Output
  • 3 types of OKR and risk management

Strong OKR

  • Criteria for strong Objectives
  • Strategic and tactical Objectives
  • Criteria for Key Results
  • Lagging and leading indicators

OKR cycle

  • What an OKR cycle consists of
  • Types of OKR meetings and check-ins
  • Evaluation of OKR achievement

Implementing OKR

  • How to start an OKR pilot in an organisation
  • A roadmap for OKR implementation
  • Roles in the OKR framework

Knowledge is confirmed

Upon completing the training, you'll have the chance to undergo an examination and earn certification from OKR Institute.


Frequently asked questions

How to get a discount ?
There are several ways:
1. Get a discount of €50 when purchasing two or more courses simultaneously.
2. Bring a friend to the same course and both of you will receive a €50 discount.
Discounts cannot be combined.
When do I need to pay for training as an individual participant?
You can pay for the course right away, but if you're still thinking, you can reserve your spot for free. Once the group for the training is formed, our manager will contact you to confirm your participation and arrange for payment.
When will I receive the materials and the link to join ZOOM?
A week before the training starts, we will send you a link to a chat where you will find all the training details. On the day before the first session, we will send the ZOOM and Miro board links to the chat.
What certification will I receive after completing the training?
You will receive a certificate, as well as, depending on the course you choose, international certificates from (upon passing the exam successfully), (automatically), or Creating Agile Organizations (automatically).
What's the difference between the Certified LeSS Practitioner and Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner courses?
The Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner training is conducted in an online format, while the Certified LeSS Practitioner course requires physical presence. Upon completion of both courses, you will receive the respective certificates. If you have attended the Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner and wish to obtain the Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP) certificate, you will need to additionally attend a two-day offline LeSS&Learn workshop. This is a separate event, and participation in the online course does not include the cost of this workshop.
How much does the international certificate cost and how do I obtain it?
The certificate is included in the cost of our training and is automatically issued in your account after completing the training. The access details of your personal account will be sent to the email address you provided during your registration on our website.
How does certification work?
After completing the training, you have two attempts to take the exam. The first one should be made within 14 days from the day you receive the notification from If you do not take the exam within this period, your first attempt will be forfeited. The second attempt is unlimited in time, allowing you to thoroughly prepare and take the certification exam at your convenience.
I haven't received an email from
Usually, the information is sent within two calendar days. Please check your "spam" folder, as sometimes emails end up there. If you still haven't received the email, contact our support service at / to request to resend the information or change your email address.

Clients talk about us


«Excellent training with good examples. The trainers explain everything in clear language and help you to understand what OKR framework is. Helped to transfer the knowledge to my context to immediately assess how this could be applied in my organization. The training was challenging but also energizing.»


«I really liked the OKR Practitioner training. I'm used to training where the focus is only on theory, but the guys translated every piece of theory into practice - either by practicing in a group or by analyzing examples of companies. I learned where to use OKRs, and where it is better not to use them at all, plus a breakdown of possible pitfalls. It gave me a much better understanding of how to apply OKRs in practice!»


«Recently attended OKR training from Maria and Roman. 
In addition to the in-depth knowledge, I really liked the dynamics of the course. Everything was learned through practical examples. We worked in teams with different participants, so we were able to gather a lot of opinions and different experiences. 

The information is clearly structured, and I could absorb an incredible amount of information in 2 days.

I recommend this course.»


«I highly appreciate the training I received. I would even call it one of the best trainings I have had in my professional career. Excellent mixture of practical exercises and theory. I got answers to all the questions I came to the training with. I worked out my company's case study.»


«I recently attended the CERTIFIED OKR PRACTITIONER course and it was very useful! The expert knowledge and engaging teaching style made the complex OKR system easy to understand and apply. The real-life examples, knowledg, and personalizsed feedback from the trainers helped a lot. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to master OKR. 10 out of 10!»


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