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Professional Scrum Master

Aug 22
During the course, you will delve into Scrum principles and acquire the skills to construct effective teams
Language of the program: Russian

Learn to manage high-performing teams

During two days of immersive group practice, you will acquire the fundamental principles of Scrum, engage in in-depth analysis of real cases, and grasp how a Scrum Master can impact business outcomes.

This training is carried out in collaboration with

The course is perfect for

  1. Entry-level specialists
    To embark on your professional journey
  2. Scrum Masters
    To acquire systemic knowledge and work effectively with Agile teams
  3. Team leaders
    To establish lean and efficient workflow processes

Takeaway skills

  1. Implementing modern management practices within teams
  2. Driving team and business outcomes through Scrum framework
  3. Evaluating career prospects and income potential

Meet the experts

Ilya Pavlichenko

Certified Agile Organization Trainer

Launches Agile transformations in companies all over the world, focusing on coaching top management teams.

Organizational design, Agile and LeSS consultant. Founder of the Scrum Russia community, the Scrum Day Russia, and LeSS Day conferences. Coach at

Mary Tovpinets

Management 3.0 Trainer, Agile Coach, Facilitator, Scrum Master

Practicing Scrum trainer coaching organizations, Scrum Masters, and developers. Specializes in cultivating organizational adaptability to respond effectively to market shifts.

Learning journey

1. Opening part

  • Meeting the group to align on expectations

2. Scrum theory  

  • Key principles of the framework
  • Scenarios requiring Scrum implementation
  • Empirical control or decisions based on experience
  • Crafting successful products through iterative and incremental development

3. Framework

  • Accountabilities
  • Events
  • Artifacts
  • Rules

4. Responsibilities within a team

  • Accountabilities of Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Developers

5. Events in Scrum

  • The difference between events and meetings
  • Events from a perspective of inspection and adaptation
  • Common scenarios encountered by a Scrum Master

6. People and teams

  • How to foster the formation of an effective team
  • Analysis of practical cases and their solutions

7. Assessment of readiness

  • Evaluating readiness
  • The interplay between team readiness, technical debt, and organizational agility

8. Scrum Master

  • Measuring the effectiveness of a Scrum Master
  • Skills and competencies required in the profession

Knowledge is confirmed

Upon completing the training, you'll have the chance to undergo an examination and earn certification from The training is an officially certified program by the organization.


Frequently asked questions

How to get a discount ?
There are several ways:
1. Get a discount of €50 when purchasing two or more courses simultaneously.
2. Bring a friend to the same course and both of you will receive a €50 discount.
Discounts cannot be combined.
When do I need to pay for training as an individual participant?
You can pay for the course right away, but if you're still thinking, you can reserve your spot for free. Once the group for the training is formed, our manager will contact you to confirm your participation and arrange for payment.
When will I receive the materials and the link to join ZOOM?
A week before the training starts, we will send you a link to a chat where you will find all the training details. On the day before the first session, we will send the ZOOM and Miro board links to the chat.
What certification will I receive after completing the training?
You will receive a certificate, as well as, depending on the course you choose, international certificates from (upon passing the exam successfully), (automatically), or Creating Agile Organizations (automatically).
What's the difference between the Certified LeSS Practitioner and Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner courses?
The Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner training is conducted in an online format, while the Certified LeSS Practitioner course requires physical presence. Upon completion of both courses, you will receive the respective certificates. If you have attended the Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner and wish to obtain the Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP) certificate, you will need to additionally attend a two-day offline LeSS&Learn workshop. This is a separate event, and participation in the online course does not include the cost of this workshop.
How much does the international certificate cost and how do I obtain it?
The certificate is included in the cost of our training and is automatically issued in your account after completing the training. The access details of your personal account will be sent to the email address you provided during your registration on our website.
How does certification work?
After completing the training, you have two attempts to take the exam. The first one should be made within 14 days from the day you receive the notification from If you do not take the exam within this period, your first attempt will be forfeited. The second attempt is unlimited in time, allowing you to thoroughly prepare and take the certification exam at your convenience.
I haven't received an email from
Usually, the information is sent within two calendar days. Please check your "spam" folder, as sometimes emails end up there. If you still haven't received the email, contact our support service at / to request to resend the information or change your email address.

Clients talk about us


«It was a good dynamic training. The information was complex but understandable. There were a lot of practical exercises. Expert trainers made clear the differences between real Scrum and what most companies make of it, which I found very useful.»


«Before the training, I thought I knew everything about Scrum and just wanted to get certified. Turns out, I knew very little))) The course helped me understand what Scrum really is. Now I look at the processes in my company differently. Thanks for the many real-life examples.»


«Thanks for the training! The materials were very well-structured, the content was valuable, and there were plenty of practical exercises. I've already started applying what I learned in my Scrum Master role. I highly recommend this training to all Scrum Masters. It's foundational knowledge that is essential for effectively carrying out our work.»


«I can recommend the PSM course to anyone in need of foundational knowledge on real Scrum. There is a lot of fragmented and often incorrect information about Scrum online, but only after this training I was able to get everything clearly. The combination of theory with numerous exercises in small groups and using Miro made the training both valuable and engaging.»

Product and Project Manager

“After completing the Professional Scrum Master course, I realized that I resonate with Agile values. I used to be skeptical of self-organization theory, but the training made me reconsider.

A Scrum Master is a unique role. This person cultivates the right atmosphere, encouraging the team to solve problems independently and find answers within the group without relying on experts”.

Scrum Master

“The Professional Scrum Master course dives deeply into the methodology. It's a training that's simple to grasp but challenging to truly master. In our everyday practice, we're accustomed to exploring the non-obvious aspects of Scrum. However, in the PSM course, we delved into the very core of Scrum—empirical control. It was very powerful”.


“A year and a half ago, my team and I completed the Professional Scrum Master course. During the training, we gained a comprehensive understanding of how the framework operates and impoved the workflow of the company. Moreover, we effectively introduced Scrum to several other teams. I must say that the training ranks among the finest I've ever participated in”.


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