We help business become lean as starlings & nimble as a cuttlefish.


When gathered in large numbers, starlings form a 'murmuration' — a mysterious collective phenomenon where massive flocks of birds move as one, morphing into a variety of intricate shapes. It serves as a remarkable example of effective self-organization within substantial groups.


Cuttlefish are among the rare creatures capable of altering their protein compositions, expediting individual-level evolution. They are unique beings, undergoing systematic internal transformations while remaining the same individuals.


These animals are a good metaphor for what we do. We audit, transform, consult, and train companies to make their processes agile and teams — coherent and efficient.
About us

We are Mary and Roman

Mary Tovpinets
Management 3.0 Trainer, Agile Coach, Facilitator, Scrum Master

"Eight years ago I used to work as the Head of the operations department in a large bank where the agile transformation was initiated. It was a new, completely different approach to work that I became interested in: no bureaucracy, annual planning, and individual KPI. I studied and switched the field of work becoming a Scrum Master. Starting with just three teams, I now transform entire organizations. I help both startups and big corporations focusing on creating effective teams and modern approaches to management."

Roman Doroshenko
Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile, LeSS Coach

"I used to work as an ХP developer, gaining experience in a cross-functional team. For my second job I got to experience project-managed environment and was surprised: processes were slow, and everyone was only responsible for a small part of the work. I wanted to have an impact on the entire product and the final results, so I changed my job to become a Product Owner, devoting 5+ years to this role. Now I work as a consultant to help businesses optimize themselves. My motivation is simple: the more high-quality products there are, the better my own life becomes."

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